Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

The world of technology has advanced over the years and has given consumers a portable product that can change how speakers are utilized. Many of these Bluetooth speakers are made with Bluetooth capability that allows music to be heard from many devices.

There are numerous manufacturers who make this type of product and one can be purchased for around $100 or less. Not only are Bluetooth speakers resourceful, they are very reasonably priced as well.

We spent countless hours testing and reviewing dozens of the top bluetooth speakers on the market. Here is the top five that made our list. Click on for more details:

  • Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100
  • Koss BTS1 Bluetooth Speaker
    Oontz Curve Bluetooth Speaker
    G Project G-Boom
    JBL Clip 2 Waterproof Speaker
    Divoom Voombox Portable Speaker

    They come in different shapes and colors which make this item very stylish with great sound quality that can be entwined with many music devices. The portability is nice to take advantage of when traveling, working, or on vacation.

    These devices have been purchased for many useful necessities and the portability has made them a popular choice with music devices. Here are a few of the many Bluetooth speakers that can be purchased at a low price.

    Oontz Curve

    Oontz Curve is a popular choice among consumers because of the low cost for this product and the durability that it has to offer. This item is small and compact which makes it a good choice for travel. The size and shape allow it to be packed in luggage, in a pocket, purse, and any small area for storage.

    Even though this item is extremely small and portable, the quality of sound is good especially at mid-level. There are many features that come with this small device, and it can be used with speakers for phones as well. It is approximate $25 to purchase.


    • Portability
    • Sound Quality
    • Price


    • Does not come with carrying case


    The G-Project speaker is shaped in a unique way and resembles a cylinder. This unique Bluetooth device has exceptional sound and is good quality. Even though the size is small and cylinder shape offers remarkable bass quality with sound, this type of speaker has a sound balance that is excellent for the price and the size of the device.

    It also includes a water resistant texture to keep it safe while using the G-Project near lakes, pools, or any type of wet surface.

    Headphones can be attached or connected to this item because it has a line-out port for accessibility. The battery life of this product is good considering the size and shape. This handy Bluetooth speaker can be purchased for around $50.

    JBL Clip

    This item comes in a variety of colors and has good sound quality. It can be clipped on purses, pants, book bags, and any other places that will hold a clip. It is lightweight which makes it convenient for running, and jogging while using this device. The quality is good and it is travel-friendly which makes it beneficial for any type of use.

    Even though it is tiny and compact, the sound quality is remarkable. This clip is very popular for many consumers because of the design and construction. There is a built-in cable line that allows for convenience to use speakerphone functionality. The JBL Clip has great quality and sound with an extremely reasonable low price. It can be purchased for around $50.

    Divoom’s Voombox Ongo

    The Divoom’s Voombox Ongo has a built-in holder to attach it to a bicycle. It is constructed with a metal frame and has a water-resistant rubber covering for safe use. This feature of the Bluetooth speaker is a wonderful choice for any outdoor activities. The size has no effect on the sound quality of this device. The sound is crisp, clear, and works great for all types of activities.

    It has a built-in speakerphone capability that works great with any type of phone. This allows for a call to heard while riding or hiking outdoors. This is convenient for nature activists and vacationers who want to be outside while taking calls or listening to music.

    The black case gives it a unique and powerful look that can be easily transported to any location without needing much room. This item can be purchased at a low price, estimated to cost around $60.

    Koss BTS

    The Koss BTS is very portable and can be carried around to any location or used while walking around the home. It has a rectangular shape which is ideal for easy transport and can fit into just about all types of locations. It can fit in a purse, luggage, backpack, coat pocket, and is made with a polycarbonate frame.

    It is constructed with a three button function that is easy to use and can have a built-in stand that kicks out. This feature allows it to be set on top of tables, dressers, and any surface next to you for quality sound performance. Despite the small size of this Bluetooth device, the quality of the sound it puts out is remarkable.

    It has a good battery life considering the size of the device, and it offers a normal amount of bass that does not sound distorted. It is made very well and is feasible for any type of use because of its compact size and sound quality. This device can be purchased for around $60.


    When looking to purchase a Bluetooth speaker there are many different varieties on the market to choose from. If you’re looking for price, quality, style, and compact items, these are great items with which to start your review. These devices are small but for under $100, they are good quality with clear sound.

    The features of each device are beneficial for customers who need a certain type of speaker. The water resistance would be handy for someone needing a Bluetooth speaker for the pool.

    A speaker that has a kickstand is ideal for dorms, and living areas while working or cleaning the house. The clip speaker will work well for individuals who are going to be on the move such as hiking, walking, and exercising. The speaker that mounts to a bicycle is perfect for someone who is a cyclist or likes riding for miles each day.

    These choices all have resourceful benefits while offering clear sound quality. There are many Bluetooth speakers under $100 from which to choose.

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