Best Large Portable Bluetooth Speakers


Many people use their Bluetooth speakers to relax outside, or have a party with their friends, even if only a few people are hanging out at a time. There are even some DJs that use portable speakers to make the party more memorable, whether it’s in a small space or a large area.

This is because there are so many different types of Bluetooth speakers nowadays that there are even large ones. Keep reading for information on how to find the right Bluetooth speaker for your personal entertainment.

How to Choose The Best Large Portable Bluetooth Speakers

The first thing to do when you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker is to determine what you’re going to use it for. If you plan to just use it for yourself when you are alone, or at your house, you will just need something small and practical.

However, if you want to be able to bring the party anywhere, you may opt for a larger speaker. There are even speakers that are quite large and look much like the speakers for your car and home stereo systems.

The other thing that you need to keep in mind is how you will be carrying them around. If you have a purse or backpack that you frequently use, you can carry your new speaker because you have a bag with you at all times.

Some models even come with their own hook or carrying case, so you don’t have to worry about it. On the flip side, if you choose a speaker on the large side, you’ll need to be able to keep it in your car, or know exactly when you’re going to use it, so you’ll have it with you.

Finally, you’ll need to know what features you want. If you are someone that likes to listen to music for hours, you’ll want a speaker that can be used for a long time before it needs to be recharged. If you talk on the phone a lot, you may need a model that can actually be a speakerphone as well. This is good, not only for when you get a phone call at your home, but it offers a hands free speaker in case you’re driving in your car as well.

There are many models that are waterproof or weather resistant, so they can be great for doing anything from hanging out in the backyard to camping, especially the types that are also quite rugged. Others may have additional fun functions like being a flashlight, being able to hook up to a B00SNBCBGEcomputer or laptop, and things like that.

After you consider all these things, you’re likely to know what type of speaker you want. Pay attention to review sites and other sites on the internet that can help you find all the specifications for products, so you can have a better idea of what they’ll be like when you’re using them.

Actual users’ comments are a great resource, so you know what owning a product will likely entail. When it comes to large speakers, here is a great recommendation.


ION Audio Tailgater Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker – Best Bluetooth Tailgate Speaker

This is considered to be the best tailgate speaker because it works well, no matter how large of an audience you need to talk to. It can also do a lot of other things that may be important if you’re trying to tailgate. It has a radio, you can play your own music through it, and it has USB ports, for you to charge anything you need to. That is a great thing because when you connect a device through Bluetooth, it sometimes eats away at the battery rather fast.

You may have to worry about that with your phone or tablet and plug it in while it plays music. However, the speaker has no problems with battery life, since it can last up to 50 hours before you have to charge it. This is more than 2 whole days, so you’ll have plenty of hours to tailgate with your friends and have the time of your life.

This product is also lightweight, so you don’t have to hurt your back when you need to take it somewhere. It even comes with a microphone, to enable you to hype up the crowd, or sing along with your favorite songs. It also has a clear screen, so you can always know what’s going on with your machine.

ION Audio Block Rocker – Best Portable Bluetooth PA System

This speaker also sports many features. It is a high quality PA system, since it has a 50 hour battery life and a powerful speaker. It allows you to connect to the speaker through a Bluetooth device, and you can even download an app for your phone so you can use it as a controller for the whole system. The app has other things like an equalizer, which makes the product even more fun to use. It also features a radio, an auxiliary input, a microphone, wheels, and a handle. This means you have the ability to wheel it around wherever you need to.

The product isn’t too heavy either, so you won’t hurt yourself wheeling it around. It also has USB ports, so you can plug in your electronic devices, so that none of your devices run out of juice. Some people had a problem getting the Bluetooth to work, but you should always consider where you’re trying to connect it and if there are many other people around that may block the signal. It’s also a good idea to do some tests at home before you have to use a PA system, so you’ll have a better chance of working out the kinks.

This speaker can get very loud, has good quality sound, and can be heard even over the racket of people working or having a good time. You may want to replace the microphone if you intend to use it a lot though, since some people had problems with the quality of it.


ION Audio Party Rocker Live –  Best Portable Party Speaker System

If you’re looking for a party speaker, you probably want something with flair. This has that and a lot more going for it. This product has a sort of disco ball top that features a light display that changes with the music being played. All you have to do is pair a Bluetooth device, like your phone or tablet, to the speaker and you can play all the songs you know and love.

There is also a microphone in order to sing karaoke or to ask for requests. You can also download a smart phone app to control more options on the speaker system, such as the 4 different types of lighting that it’s capable of. Other cool things are that you can plug in a musical instrument or other devices that play music into the speaker. That way, if the Bluetooth isn’t working, you’ll still be able to get music off of a device or something like a CD player. The product has a 50-hour battery, so it can work for you all night and more, as long as you make sure it’s charged correctly after each use.

People that have put the product to the test say that’s it is loud enough for small, medium, or large parties, although you won’t get the clearest sound if you’re someone that wants to hear all the parts of the music. However, since this is intended for parties, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Besides that, the light shows it produces are powerful and beautiful. They are great for kids, theme parties, and anything else you can think of.


Sylvania SP328 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This large speaker comes in 4 different colors including black, purple, and red. It’s about the size of a backpack and has some really cool features.  It contains 2 speakers that are 4 inches in diameter, which produce high quality sound. This makes the product feel like a party, any time you pull it out and use it. It has a long lasting battery, so you can listen to your favorite tunes all night, and it’s able to connect to Android and Apple products alike, so it isn’t a big deal if your phone is a couple of years old.

Unlike simpler models, this one has features that allow you to change the sound quality, much like a regular stereo system. It has bass, treble, and volume controls, and even has bright LED lights around the speakers, so you can see what’s going on. This also makes the product look really cool whenever you’re using it. This item can also be used via an auxiliary cable, so it really fits in well in a number of situations.

Many people that use this speaker love it and say it is the life of the party. It works well and has great sound. The only drawback that some people don’t like is that they can’t use a microphone with it, or use it as a microphone, which is something that you may see in other Bluetooth speakers.

There are other large Bluetooth speakers available as well, but this is one of the most popular ones, and people seem to like it. It’s a large speaker that is really interesting in design, and reminds you of speakers that you may have had in your youth. It will spice up a party, sound good at home—even in a big room, and doesn’t distort the music that you’re listening to.

It won’t give you perfect sound like some other speakers, but you are unlikely to mind when you’re having fun listening to it. The fact that this large product can operate for so long on such a small battery not only means you don’t have to interrupt the fun, but it’s also quite impressive.


Not all Bluetooth speakers are the same. Some of them are not easy to carry around, and others won’t give you the sound quality you’re looking for. However, the three on this list are great for pretty much anything you throw at them, and they each have a very long battery life.

For the most fun, the ION Audio Party Rocker Live seems like the best party starter, due to the fact that it has lights and can accommodate pretty much anything to get music from, even an old school CD player. You won’t have to worry about failed connections, or anything like that. This one is also great to use for kid’s parties, since they will have more fun than they know what to do with.

When you’re shopping for a Bluetooth speaker, whether it’s large or not, you’ll have to take some time to figure out what you want before you actually buy something. This involves checking out what the speaker does, how easy it is to take care of, and where you’ll be storing it. Then you can determine what size you need, and what you’re willing to spend.

After that, you can see which products are a good deal and are highly rated in order to make a purchase that you won’t have to worry about. If you’re looking for a large portable Bluetooth speaker, these speakers are great, work great, and loud.

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