iClever 5W Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

Wireless speakers are hot right now and because of this hankering for the device, electronic gadget companies began designing and manufacturing their own line of Bluetooth speakers. Consumers are known to go for recognized brands but there are also unfamiliar companies who churn out units that are on par with popular brands.

Is iClever one of these brands? Let’s take a look at the 5W Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 and see if this unit has what it takes to take on well-known similar devices in the market.


  • The device features an ultra-portable yet fashionable modern design. Its small size makes the gadget decently portable and easy to carry. Its distinctive casing made from zinc alloy and finished with high-gloss plating creates a trendy, hip appearance.
  • The iClever 5W features a CSR 4.0 Bluetooth chipset with improved bass resonator that provides top-quality, rich audio quality. Its 5 watts acoustic output guarantees a rich listening experience.
  • It has hands-free functions for making and receiving calls. The device is supported by an integrated microphone which operates as an excellent phone speaker within a 2-foot range. It also offer plenty of convenience whenever you are doing video chats, Skype chats, Face Time, Google Talk or conference calls.
  • It is compatible with any device that supports Bluetooth technology. Pairs well with iPhones and other Apple products, smartphones and tablets.


Among all available Bluetooth speakers these days, the 5W Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 is actually one of the best in its price range. It provides decent sound quality, has an overall stylish and modern appearance plus it’s reasonably-priced to boot. The device merges top-rate stereo sound with transportability so you can enjoy your favorite tracks anyplace you go, anytime you want.

The sound it gives is well-balanced for its dimensions. Its total weight and dense form produces a bass sound with less distortion as compared with other units. When it comes to the quality of the microphone, the speaker as mentioned earlier can also be employed as a communicator once it is paired to a smartphone.

To make the mic work, you have to clutch it near you so it will operate better as a hand-held communicator.

It was also able to pair seamlessly with a laptop. It connected without any sort of delays and was able to stream music from various software. The device’s media player buttons also worked perfectly, whether you use a smartphone or a laptop.


It was strange to see that the media player buttons were located at the bottom of the speaker. If you need to use it, you have to turn the device the wrong way up just so you can press on the buttons, then position it on its proper spot once more.

Also, employing the speaker as a phone communicator can be a bit challenging. One has to hold it near his or her mouth to provide a crisper or clearer output to the receiver. It would have been the perfect Bluetooth speaker if not for the odd positioning of the buttons and tricky mic.


The 5W Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker has plenty of good things that any audiophile will appreciate. The sound quality it gives is excellent. Even at such a small size, it can provide beefy bass sounds without so much distortion. It seems durable as well looking at its hardwearing zinc alloy shell.

Its Super-Sized 5W Driver and huge speaker cavity creates a dense, powerful sound and guarantees users a profound audio experience. Its exceptional shell with its metallic finish will attract in-the-know hip folks and its noise-canceling microphone assures users clear-cut interaction.

It connects well with other Bluetooth-friendly gadgets like phones and laptops minus the hassles. If you are into functionality, portability, looks, reasonable prices and great audio output, iClever’s 5W Bluetooth Speaker is the way to go.

Once you get into Bluetooth speakers, it will be hard for you to come back to devices that need wires to operate. It’s that convenient and accessible, plus it gives users the ability to sync their devices with the speaker.

Ultimately, the choice is still yours and that decision will revolve around your needs. There is a great variety of Bluetooth speaker models out there and many feature different functions and perks like hands-free options, alarms, FM stereo and other extras.

But if you need something that gives away superior sound quality and decent portability, you can check out the 5W Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker. Who knows, it just might blow you away with its outstanding performance.

The device can be bought online and is available on several branches across the country too. You can get good deals and bargains on this device and various others by way of several popular online stores.


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