Bose Bluetooth Mobile Speaker 2 Review

Bose Bluetooth Mobile Speaker 2 Review

The main selling point of the Bose Bluetooth mobile speaker ii is the stunning sound. It’s amazing to hear such powerful and full-bodied sound come from a speaker that is so small and portable. This is largely due to the quality BOSE components inside and years of experience delivering cutting-edge speaker technology.

Bluetooth connectivity is effortless, and the Bose bluetooth mobile speaker ii can store up to 6 device profiles for future syncing; a selling point for family or business users. The range for Bluetooth transmission is 10m, with clear and stable connection results. The Bluetooth functionality is future-proof, with the device accepting Bluetooth protocol updates via USB.

Many BOSE SoundLink review writers mention the handsome design. It features the trademark BOSE sleek design, and uses a handy bi-fold cover system that acts as a stand for the device and adds extra stability. The speaker weighs in at 1.4 kg and is small enough to easily carry, but has enough power to easily fill a room with clear, punchy sound.

On top of the unit are volume and power buttons, and other function duties are handled by the Bluetooth device streaming the music. Older devices are also catered for with a 3.5 mm audio-in jack. Inside the unit is a powerful lithium-ion battery that can power the device for up to 8 hours. Battery status is reflected in a simple display that changes from yellow to red when a charge is needed. Available separately is an in-car charger for recharging on long trips.

A sound reputation

Bose enjoys legendary status within the music and audio industries. Known for their ground-breaking acoustic research, the company believe innovation and excellence should come as standard and that ‘good enough’ is just a starting point. With several major technologies to their credit, Bose are ready to meet any audio challenge where sound quality is important. That’s why, for example, you hear Bose at NASA and the Olympic Games.

Impressively compact

Measuring just 13 cm (h) x 24 cm (w) x 5cm (d), and even lighter than many iPod speaker docks, the Bose Bluetooth mobile speaker 2 is a truly portable audio unit. Though rugged and durable, its narrow depth contributes an eye-catching design feature, echoing the elegant contours of Apple equipment and adding flexible placement options.

Sonic sensation

Given its dimensions, the Bose Bluetooth mobile speaker 2 is incredibly loud and easily blows away its competitors. Expect it to fill an average room with high-quality sound which won’t distort at higher levels. With the tight bass end holding together well and new neodymium transducers delivering a smooth and natural acoustic response, the sonic output is primed for optimum performance across the entire audio spectrum – music fans of every persuasion are in for a treat.

Main features

  • Bluetooth streaming up to 10 m, with future updates possible via USB port
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery that provides up to 8 hours of audio playback
  • Functional and stylish bi-fold cover that doubles as a stand
  • Powerful, rich sound thanks to the famous BOSE components
  • Light and small in size
  • Auxiliary 3.5 mm audio-in jack for older devices


User Review of the Bose Mobile Speaker 2

I love music and spare no expense when it comes to buying audio gear. When I went looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker for my iPad, I knew exactly what I needed after reading a bose soundlink review. I wasn’t disappointed with my purchase, and consider it worth every cent. The sound is so good that I often use it at outdoor parties and picnics with friends. The built-in battery lasts most of the day before needing a recharge. It’s a fantastic little system, and looks awesome too.

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