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Looking to buy the loudest Bluetooth speaker? Well, you’ve landed at the right place. Here, we’ve made it our goal to research and compile a list of the loudest Bluetooth speakers which we’re sure will meet your taste and preferences.

When researching for the best Bluetooth speakers, it’s important to understand that these gadgets are grouped into three distinct categories which include ultra portable, portable and large portable. Depending on your taste, you can either purchase a small light Bluetooth speaker, a portable speaker which can fit in your backpack or a large portable which you can use in a party or in the comfort of your home.

The loudest Bluetooth speakers are ideal in a number of different ways. Firstly, these gadgets are designed to be used by all smartphones and tablets running on the iOS, Android, Windows or any other Operating System. Secondly, these gadgets can be used by most laptops and desktops through Bluetooth integration without necessarily having to switch on the Wi-Fi network.

When determining the loudness of Bluetooth speakers, we rely on the decibels meter. This device is used to measure the amount of sound generated by a speaker system at a fixed distance. The speaker system which generates  the highest decibels is usually considered as the loudest Bluetooth speaker. In addition,  the quality of sound and other specific features to the speakers add up to the final verdict when determining the loudest Bluetooth speakers.

Things to consider when purchasing loud Bluetooth speakers

Sound quality

Unless portability is your  priority for selection, the sound quality of  your Bluetooth speakers is of paramount importance. Although most speakers don’t offer much features, the quality of sound produced by these speakers is just outstanding. When shopping for the loudest Bluetooth speakers, choose gadgets which are capable of producing clean sounds and accurate frequencies even at high volumes.


The loudest Bluetooth speaker systems offer a variety of connectivity options such as using the auxiliary, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Choosing a small Bluetooth speaker may deny you the freedom of connecting your loud Bluetooth speaker to a 3.5mm aux jack or the Wi-Fi connectivity and will only allow you to use the Bluetooth connectivity. However, choosing a large Bluetooth speaker gives you the freedom of connecting your gadget to a laptop/desktop via an aux jack as well as  the option of using wireless (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and iOS Air-Play) connectivity.

A review of the best loud Bluetooth speakers

There are so many factors to consider when choosing the loudest Bluetooth speakers. Now that we’ve named just a few, let’s  review two of the leading Bluetooth speakers of 2016 in terms of their  sound quality.


Anker SoundCore Dual-Driver Bluetooth Speaker

Anker SoundCore is the newest Bluetooth sound system released by Anker. The manufacturer has managed to impress music enthusiasts all around the globe by incorporating some incredible features in this little black box. SoundCore runs on the latest 4.0 Bluetooth technology, is powered by an incredible Li-Ion battery that offers 24 hours of non-stop music, has dual 6W high preference speakers and comes with a dedicated 3.3mm aux jack for those who enjoy laptop/desktop connectivity.

SoundCore has a light weight, only 12.6 ounces, and features a rubberized body which makes it easy to handle and pack. Able to connect at a range of 60 feet, SoundCore is the top loudest Bluetooth speakers in the market today with a customer rating of 4.6/5.

Fugoo Sport XL

Fugoo Sport XL is the best loud Bluetooth speaker for those who like enjoying quality sound while on the beach or at the swimming pool. A high quality speaker system that features 4 tweeters, 2 mid sub-woofers, 2 passive radiators and midrange punches, this Bluetooth speaker offers an incredible 97 db of sound.

Apart from delivering explosive loud sound, Fugoo Sport XL has other amazing features which introduce music enthusiasts to the digital era. The speaker has an IP67 waterproof rating which keep it alive under water at a depth of 3ft for 30 minutes. Fugoo Sport XL  can withstand fall   from a distance of 3ft and has a durable battery life which runs for 35 hours without pausing for a recharge. Last but not the least, the Fugoo Sport XL comes with a dedicated portable power bank which users can rely on when recharging their devices. For those who enjoy using the speech command features, this gadget can willingly assist you to use the SIRI and GOOGLE NOW CONTROL. Fugoo Sport XL has been welcomed with a 4.3/5 star rating from Amazon customers.


There are lots of other portable and large speakers which can be included in this class of loud Bluetooth speakers. All of these speakers rely on the latest wireless technology and produce explosive Dolby Digital sound quality which is worth enjoying. As I wind up, there is no absolute winner when it comes to rating the best Bluetooth speakers. What I can say is that the end winner is always the customer.


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