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The SONOS CONNECT: AMP Wireless Streaming Music System with Amplifier for Speakers is a professional grade, home music system that utilizes Sonos wireless technology, HiFi sound and flexible connectivity. The following review will outline the ups and downs of this unit and compare it to units using AirPlay technology. For more information on the differences between Sonos and AirPlay technology, check out our Wireless Home Sound Systems article.


The SONOS CONNECT:AMP Wireless Streaming Music System with Amplifier for Speakers (ZonePlayer120) is a high end wireless speaker system that turns your current speakers into wireless speakers.

The best part about this product is the Sonos connectivity, which provides high quality music playback with minimal connectivity problems. This is the biggest advantage of Sonos products over Airplay products as many AirPlay products experience connectivity issues and music will sometimes drop out. Although Sonos also uses Wi-Fi networks to transmit sound files, it does not drain your bandwidth and thus connectivity issues are minimal. Another great thing about this unit is the customization, which offers plenty of options. You can adjust your bass and treble for the perfect sound, and there are many options available for creating customized playlists. Additionally, there are many different ways to create your sound system, including using an iPod or MP3 player as the main system controller. Although you will need a computer to initially setup and configure the system, once this is done you can use your portable music device without ever using your computer.

The Sonos Connect Amp has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by 98 verified buyesr on View all reveiws here. 

One downside of this product is its Spotify compatibility, which is not as strong as other programs such as iTunes. If you are a Spotify user, you may be disappointed in the ability of this


The Sonos Connect Amp is about the size of a toaster and is stylish enough to fit into any living room or media room.

unit to function with this program. Another downside worth mentioning is the requirement of using the Sonos app, which is not the most effective program and does not feel very intuitive. Despite these complaints, the SONOS CONNECT still provides a more comfortable and customizable experience than AirPlay products.
/Light Bulb Bluetooth Speaker – Bluetooth Speaker Pro/

Light Bulb Bluetooth Speaker may appear just like a gimmick, however it is essentially a excellent idea, bringing atmospheric lighting to a brand new level – in addition to a fantastic gift idea for someone that has everything or just a gadget freak like myself.

What exactly is it ?

A Bluetooth speaker including a light bulb are usually not items you might ordinarily combine, however it is a mixture that actually works. A Light Bulb Bluetooth Speaker is definitely a fascinating gadget even though, remarkably, not one of a kind. There are a few light bulb bluetooth speakers on the market now and we will link out favourite’s below, some can change colour to match your mood and the music too.

The great thing about pairing a light bulb and speaker is the fact, provided the light is switched on, the speaker is all stoked and ready to bang out some tunes. There is absolutely no twiddling
with buttons, simply no need to charge the speaker or plug it in to a wall plug. You simply grab your phone or tablet, hook up to the Speaker Bulb over Bluetooth 4.0, and therefore instantly able to bang out some music,or chill with a podcast or audiobook from your ceiling.

This high central position is also perfect for partying without obstruction. The 3W speaker we have is not especially loud, but loud enough to create a nice atmosphere and fill the room while not aggravating people in the flat or room upstairs.

Disadvantages of light bulb bluetooth speaker

One disadvantage to pairing a light bulb and speaker is that often without a way to separate the two the speaker is great only as long as the bulb. (The speaker will still work, however a light bulb which doesn’t light the room isn’t of much use.) That said, the bulb we have is said to last around 10,000 hours. There are additional {|advantages to} LED lighting, too, for example minimized electricity consumption significantly less heat generated.

You could always use this bulb in a lamp too,you could pair this to a radio app on your phone and use it as a DAB radio alarm clock,podcast player and many other things with a little modding and imagination i think we could have a lot of fun with this.

In contrast to other portable Bluetooth speakers the bulb did not support handsfree calls. Which is a true blessing, though: you could hardly maintain a private conversation by way of a light bulb, also it would be not practical to reach up to the ceiling to respond to the cell phone. If a call comes in the music immediately pauses, then resumes whenever you hang up the phone. But while your ring-tone won’t play from the speaker, keypad sounds and text, email along with other announcements do.

What did we think ?

The Bluetooth link works well up to 15m without interferences. We found the connection would start to stop working a bit after we took our paired phone through to the next room and closed the door, however when made use of in the exact same room we weren’t able to fault it.

Over all Light Bulb Bluetooth Speaker’s are a good hit for us, really beneficial and a excellent gift for that individual has everything! A couple of disadvantages, for example its capability to operate only when the light is switched on as well as the fact the speaker will die along with the LED, but it’ll outlast any conventional bulb and it could possibly help save on your utility bill

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