Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II – The Best Bluetooth Speakers

  • Up to 10 hours playback time
  • Integrated phone compatibility
  • Dedicated USB connectivity
  • High quality sound


  • Expensive



Long life battery, quality sound and rave reviews. The Bose Soundlink Mini checks a lot of boxes.


Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II is the smartest way to enjoy quality music while on the go. This ultra-compact speaker is designed with powerful drivers which deliver deep base for full range music experience.

This Bluetooth speaker connects wirelessly to multiple devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops to give you a chance of listening to quality music, watching movies and playing HD games without any compromise.

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II is very light (1.5 pounds) and easy to carry on your palm or backpack.

Its low profile design is the best for a portable speaker as it can operate from any location without falling over. The rechargeable Li-Ion battery offers a magnificent 10 hours of non-stop playtime. When it comes to recharging, users can either use the charging cable or USB option.

Last but not the least, Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II has a built-in speakerphone which allows you to make hands-free calls. This speaker is initially available in Carbon or Pearl then customized with colorful covers to increase the overall beauty.

Features of Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II

  • Easy pairing: Bose SoundLink II connects with multiple Bluetooth devices very fast thanks to the voice prompts feature. Apart from pairing with multiple devices, this speaker is capable of recording the last 8 devices tethered to its system.
  • Explosive performance: Despite its small size, Bose SoundLink II delivers a powerful full-range sound thanks to the proprietary technology and an innovative drivers’ configuration.
  • Elegant design:  Bose SoundLink II is an elegant and efficient  mix of simplicity and performance. The top of the speaker features a power and volume button for easy operation while the outer aluminum casing offers both beauty and durability.
  • Easy recharging: This speaker offers a quick and easy recharging experience thanks to the cradle and the USB cable. At home, the charging cradle keeps your device at full power while the USB cable helps you recharge the speaker while on the go, using a laptop or car audio player.


  • Bose SoundLink II has a powerful Li-Ion battery that offers a maximum playtime of 10 hours.
  • This speaker has integrated phone compatibility. When a paired smartphone or tablet has an incoming call, the speaker automatically halts the ongoing music to notify you of the call. With just a press of a button, you can use it as a speakerphone to make audible calls.
  • This speaker has a dedicated USB connectivity allowing you to recharge the gadget with a laptop, a desktop or a music player.


  • Some customers have complained about Bose SoundLink II stating that the speakerphone is not worth its price.
  • This speaker is quite expensive as compared to most other Bluetooth speakers available in the market.


All in all, Bose SoundLink II is a perfect selection for people looking for quality. Some of the smart features which have elevated this speaker to the top of the competition include easy pairing, fast recharging, colorful protective covers and easy operation. Having received a superb 4.7/5-star rating from 1,780 customers, this speaker is by far the best in the market.


Bose SoundLink II is the best Bluetooth speaker in the market, especially when it comes to producing deep bass. However, on the  complaint of many customers regarding the gadget’s expensive price, we managed to review some alternatives which offer almost the same features at a cheaper price.

GGMM M3 Retro Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Stereo Wireless Leather Speaker was our first pick in the comparison chart. This heavyweight speaker utilizes the latest technology through connecting to multiple devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Music lovers will enjoy streaming their favorite music from Pandora, Spotify and iHeartRadio without any problem.


When it comes to design, GGMM M3 Retro Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Stereo is genuinely handcrafted with a mix of fine leather and stainless aluminum alloy for beauty and durability. The system features two bass speakers and two dome tweeters which deliver quality sound to every corner of the room.

Last but not the least, this speaker is capable of connecting with up to 16 devices without disconnecting anyone of them. Most customers have managed to interconnect multiple speakers with one device for a chance to enjoy surround sound music.

Bluedio BS-3 (Camel) Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is the second speaker we managed to review. This portable speaker has a powerful Bluetooth which flawlessly connects with multiple devices such as smartphones and tablets. The 3-magnet drivers are perfect addition to this speaker as they ensure that users enjoy loud high quality 3D music anytime anywhere. Available at a very affordable price, Bluedio BS-3 is a perfect solution for students and people on the go.


After comparing all three portable Bluetooth speakers, Bose SoundLink II stands out by far the best in the category. Powered by a strong Li-Ion battery that offers 10 hours of uninterrupted music, this speaker has the capacity to connect with multiple Bluetooth devices without any compromise. It has a powerful sound system that delivers quality explosive bass when listening to music, watching videos or playing games. Having received a 4.7/5-star rating from 1,780 customers, this speaker is quite expensive but is the best for customers looking for a mix of style and performance.

Second in the category, we reviewed GGMM M3 Bluetooth Speaker. The reason why this speaker is able to compete with Bose is  its smart technology. While using both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, this gadget is able to stream videos and music from online stores such as Pandora, Spotify and iHeartRadio. It has a thick outer casing, two base and two dome tweeters giving customers a chance to listen to surround sound music in the comfort of their homes.

Last but not the least we reviewed Bluedio BS-3 (Camel) Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Capable of delivering 3D surround sound, this Bluetooth speaker has the capacity to connect with multiple devices to provide quality sound without disconnecting. The inner parts are well protected by aluminum casing against external damage. In addition,  the battery is powerful and capable of offering more playing time without any compromise. Having been welcomed with a 4.2/5-star rating from 190 customers, this speaker is among the best in the  category.

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