Best Bluetooth Speakers – The Best Bluetooth Speakers

The history of the audio is vast and wide. With the advancement in technology, this platform has experienced major transitions that have helped the genre blossom from generation to generation. From large boom boxes and speaker docks, the genre has advanced to a legion of portable wireless speakers which deliver quality sound regardless of their sizes.

With the advancement in technology, the multitude of available choices has made it almost impossible for music lovers to select their best Bluetooth speakers. While you’ll hear of big names such as Base, Sony and Pasce, this guide will help you filter these speakers depending upon the price, battery life, connectivity and the quality of sound delivered.

Which Wireless?

Before we begin, let us first acquaint ourselves with  the common wireless tech  incorporated in most portable speakers. While most people are familiar with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless options, there are other types of wireless connectivity option which include NFC, Apple’s AirPlay, DLNA and Multiroom.


Near Field Connection, or NFC, is mostly used for devices close to each other as its range is extremely limited. This wireless tech is the least important and it doesn’t work with Apple devices.


AirPlay is a smart tech used by Apple devices to send files, songs and videos via Wi-Fi connection. This tech is available in most speakers with Wi-Fi option. Once your speaker is paired with your iPhone or iPad via AirPlay, you’re able to push music files fast and easy. However, the only drawback with this tech is that Apple charges a lot to companies which rely on this technology making it very expensive for you to use it.


Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)  is a default way for Android users to share songs, videos or files over Wi-Fi. While this wireless option is cheap and easy to use, it’s very slow and clunky, forcing the Android users to choose Bluetooth instead.


Multiroom is the latest wireless technology used by most speakers in the 21st century. Speakers are built with an integrated mobile app that pairs with your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Using Wi-Fi connection, users are able to stream music files and other apps such as Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora fast and easy. Multiroom also allows you to connect multiple speakers throughout the room to enjoy high quality surround sound music.


This is the most common wireless connection and the simplest to operate. Available with all smartphone, tablets and PC devices, Bluetooth connectivity doesn’t require any network to make  it universal. With recent upgrades in Bluetooth, the tech is now capable of streaming high quality music as compared to most other wireless options.


Although Bluetooth is the most common, Wi-Fi is still superior in some ways. This wireless option allows you to connect multiple devices and play them simultaneously. It allows you to stream audio files from Spotify, Pandora and other music stores fast and easy. However, the only drawback with Wi-Fi is that it’s quite expensive and limited, depending on the network range.

How to choose the best Bluetooth speakers

While there are many brands of Bluetooth speakers available in the market such as Bose, Sony and Pasce, it becomes really hard to select your best choice. Apart from just listening to music, there are lots of other factors you need to keep in mind when selecting your best speakers. For those still in the dark, read on to learn on how to choose the best Bluetooth speakers.

Audio quality

As we all know, the quality of sound is the most paramount thing when it comes to selecting a good speaker. While some Bluetooth speakers deliver low quality music, especially when operating on full blast, the best Bluetooth speakers are able to maintain high quality Dolby Digital sound even when the volume is at the peak.

The specs

Usually, the specs/features talk more about a speaker. While ordinary speakers only connect and allow you to listen to quality music, high-end speakers come with additional features such as Wi-Fi capability which allows you to connect multiple devices as well as stream music files from Spotify, Apple Music or Pandora.

The construction

This is another factor that can easily tell the quality of a Bluetooth speaker. While most Bluetooth speakers are portable, their construction needs to be of high quality to avoid any damages resulting from a fall or shock. The best Bluetooth speakers are shockproof, drop-proof and waterproof to bolster their durability.

What to look out for in the best Bluetooth speakers

Today,  so many companies are producing different shapes and sizes of Bluetooth speakers. One fundamental aspect with each one of these speakers however is the audio quality. If the music is good, then this speaker is worth choosing.

However, there are other aspects which need to be considered before making your final decision. They include battery life, portability, connectivity, durability and the price. Since Bluetooth speakers are meant for outdoor use, these factors must be considered and reviewed carefully to avoid purchasing an off-shore gadget which is unable to meet all your  requirements.

With that being said, let’s look at some of these aspects you need to look out for in the best Bluetooth speakers.

Sound quality

Unless portability is your top preference, the quality of sound delivered by a speaker is very vital. The best Bluetooth speakers are powered by strong dual drivers which enable the speakers to deliver top-notch audio. The bass and mid-range is detailed and well balanced to deliver simulated surround sound both from the inside and outside.

Battery performance

The best Bluetooth speakers rely on rechargeable batteries. The battery life should be strong and able to last for 10-40 hours without recharging. Other brands of Bluetooth speakers function as power banks for recharging your smartphone or tablet. A good speaker should have a power indicator to notify you when the battery is running low.


Not all speakers are designed for outdoor use. However, for those of you who enjoy outdoor partying, choose a Bluetooth speaker with an IPX rating, high shock resistance and designed with a hard outer casing for maximum protection.

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