Wireless PC Speakers

While you think that your personal computer is at its best, here come the wireless PC speakers. Perfect for any laptop or desktop, these devices would definitely add spice to your already fully-loaded home computer system. If you think wireless streaming is just a dream, let these off-the-shelves computer take you to sheer reality.

Now, you can play almost all types of music files from your computer and then send it over to your home stereo. This stand-alone system would work seamlessly with your personal computer and transmit sound in full clarity even in the absence of a Wi-Fi system at home.

Play midi files, mp3’s, wav’s, and iTunes from your PC to your existing home stereo system. The device is composed of a transmitter dongle and the receiver. The dongle goes into your computer system and the receiver is supposed to be connected to your existing network of remote wireless speakers. When associated with each other, you can start using the device to your heart’s content.


What’s so good about this device? There are a lot of things to say about it, really. Imagine yourself having a hard disk full of songs and audio files. Now, you are not restricted to the capacity of a compact disc. It becomes possible for you to play thousands of songs downloaded from the internet and stored in your PC – all in one go. And it doesn’t have to be just music. You can play recorded radio shows, pod casts, videos, and almost everything else that has sounds.

The transmitter dongle is as sleek and small as a USB thumb drive. The only difference is that is has a built-in antenna for use to send the audio signals. The receiver, on the other hand, is supposed to be connected to your home speakers through the RCA plugs or the analog mini jack. It is also possible to buy additional receiver unit for use with one transmitter system. Just make sure that you buy the same brand for ease of use. Depending on the manufacturer of the wireless PC speakers you bought, it can be associated with similar products such as wireless headphones, wireless systems for iPods, and the likes.

The controls are usually on the computer via the software installed to make the device work. There may also be a wireless remote controller to come with the set, which would easily take you to the next track, pause the current song, or go fast forward to a certain file on your play list. The only downside of wireless PC speakers is if you’d like to call it as such, is that it only support music players like Winamp, Musicmatch, or the more popular Windows Media Player. If you use a not-so-popular media player, it may not fully be compatible with it.

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