Portable music power with the Bose Soundlink Wireless Music System

In this day and age many people have become accustomed to listening to music ‘on the go’. While there is no doubt still a place for the fixed position hi-fi stereo system, increasingly iPods, smartphones and other forms of mobile music players are the order of the day. On the other hand, you don’t always want to listen to music on headphones, and this is where devices like the Bose Soundlink wireless music system come in. The Bose Soundlink wireless music system is a high quality single speaker that is easily portable to different rooms of your home. So, wherever your laptop goes, so can the Soundlink system. What is more the Soundlink operates through a wireless connection so there is no need for any awkward trailing cables. This Bose music system consists of the single speaker, which is powered by rechargeable battery, plus a USB key type device that plugs into your PC or Mac desktop or laptop computer. The wireless connection between the USB dongle and the Bose speaker is said to have a maximum range of 60 feet. As you can imagine, this opens up various possibilities. For example, if you have a desktop computer in your living room, you could stream music off the computer but listen to it in your bedroom through the Bose music system speaker. Although the speaker in this Bose system is relatively small, it packs considerable weight in the bass department. This is not surprising, since Bose has an excellent reputation for the quality and fidelity of their loudspeakers. Before you first use the Bose Soundlink system you must charge up the speaker using the supplied mains PSU. After that’s done, you should insert the dongle key into a USB port on your computer. The USB key has a small antenna on it and this should be swivelled out into a vertical position. The first time you insert the key, your computer will detect it and auto install it. After this is done, try playing some music. Although you may need to change the audio preferences on your computer so that the Bose is selected as the audio playback device, there is no need to install any special software to get this Bose system up and running. Once you have installed the USB key on your computer, using it is very quick and easy. In future when you insert it, your computer will auto detect it and switch on the wireless connection to the speaker very quickly. This is a very simple system with no screens or menus. The USB key and the speaker both have small lights that flash or remain steadily alight depending on the status of the wireless connection. The system also comes with a remote control with which you can select tracks, adjust volume and so on. Of course, you can also carry out these functions using your computer if you so wish. If you are using the wireless connection you can play back music from your iTunes library or from certain other internet music services. But it is also possible to plug an audio device such as an iPod or similar music player directly into the back of the Bose speaker, feeding a cable from the iPod headphone socket to the Bose speaker auxiliary input socket. Although the Bose Soundlink music system is not the cheapest around, there is no doubt that the price reflects the excellent sound quality, not to mention convenience, of this highly recommended portable music system.
/Wireless speakers for your backyard/

A lot of work is done in the back yard. This is also where the garden party starts and therefore you want to make sure that you pimp your backyard with the best music system. However, to do this, you will have to first get the right speakers for your backyard. Therefore, the important consideration is whether you get the wireless speakers or the cabled variety. Most people tend to favor the former for a myriad of advantages that they have over the cabled speaker systems. One reason why you should not get the cabled speakers in the backyard is that they can be a lot work, laying all the cables. Again, your pets will keep on interfering with the cables, not to mention your children. If the weather suddenly turns dreary and you have to get everything back inside in a hurry, the wifi speakers would be the best.

Wifi speakers- the technology

It is unbelievable to many people, but the truth is that the bluetooth wifi speakers’ technology has evolved up to a point where you just have to get the speaker out of the box, power it on and start dancing to your favorite tunes, just like that. This is the modern, convenient way of getting the best that wireless speakers and their integrated technology has to offer. With that kind of simple wireless installation, you do not require any manuals or specialized knowledge to do the installation. All said and done, the end justifies the means. You will get sound of the highest quality from the speakers. Just try them today.

Wifi speakers- cheaper online

You will not spend a fortune on the wireless speakers because if you shop on the internet, you will get good prices. At the same time, you will be able to choose from a wide selection that will virtually spoil you for choice. Whatever amount of money you want to spend on your speakers, you will get the right product for it. What is your favorite wifi speakers’ brand name? You’ll get it on the wifi speakers market

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