Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Many audio lovers love the autonomy of wireless Bluetooth speakers that they can use in any part of the house. The wireless Bluetooth speakers are especially popular with people who like to use their phone or MP3 player like iPod to listen to their music.

The loudspeakers on phones and MP3 players are pretty bad. Sometimes, MP3 players will not even have a loudspeaker option and one can only use headphones to listen to all their tracks. The wireless Bluetooth speakers can change that and one can buy wireless Bluetooth speakers that put out some great quality audio.

Below, you will find a few pointers on wireless Bluetooth speakers.

Range of transmission – Though Bluetooth is a pretty cool technology, one must understand that wireless Bluetooth speakers will usually have restrictions on the range that they can be used in. Most Bluetooth speakers will only have a range of about 20 meters. They might still work beyond 20 meters although audio quality will begin to decrease.

Battery life – There is always a downside to even the best of things. When it comes to downsides for wireless Bluetooth speakers, it is the fact that battery life is often limited. Most Bluetooth speakers are powered by small AA batteries that will only have a limited life span. So, one should be prepared with replacements or rechargers in case their speakers suddenly lose power.

Bluetooth compatibility – Before you buy wireless Bluetooth speakers, you must make sure that the audio device you have is Bluetooth compatible. There is no point in having Bluetooth speakers when your phone or MP3 player does not even support Bluetooth technology. In fact, even some older models of iPod’s don’t have Bluetooth compatibility.

Sound quality – Sound quality on Bluetooth speakers will generally never match up to wired speakers, especially if they are kept further away from the source of music. One can get quality if they spend more money on expensive Bluetooth devices although this will mean that one will need many more batteries to power the five or seven speakers that come in expensive Bluetooth speaker sets. So, generally, we would recommend that you only buy wireless speakers if you want speakers that are portable in such a way that you might want to take them with you when you go places or when you want to listen to music in rooms that you spend times in on an occasional basis.

So, are wireless bluetooth speakers recommended ?

If you are an audiophile and particularly picky about the quality of the bass or the resonance of the speaker sound, we would recommend you to first try out the Bluetooth speakers before you buy them. This is because some sound quality will definitely be compromised during the Bluetooth sound transfer. Many people make a compromise on a slightly decreased sound quality as they hate the fact that they have to run wires to their speakers.

You must also remember that the demonstration of the wireless bluetooth speakers in the store will not exactly match the performance in your home, especially if your home is cluttered with furniture of if you are going to place your speakers in another room.

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