5 of the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under £30

5 of the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under £30

Once you’ve sampled some of the best Bluetooth Speakers under £30, it’s unlikely you, or your friends, will ever want to hear your favourite tracks played back through the average smartphone speaker. The audio quality of affordable Bluetooth speakers is much enhanced and there are now some stand-out products; so it’s probably time to locate a lightweight audio buddy to upgrade your music listening experience and give your music the performance platform it deserves. With very competitive market conditions, you may find that some cheap Bluetooth speakers represent great value for money too, so let’s explore some options:

  1.  XMI X-Mini Uno

Promising pocketable portability, audio without compromise, and an amazing 20-hour battery life, the X-Mini Uno is a serious competitor in the world of affordable Bluetooth speakers. The first X-Mini Capsule Speaker to incorporate ceramic speaker drivers, the Uno now delivers even smoother, crystal-clear audio playback, and is fully compatible with Smartphones, iPhones, iPads, tablets, multi-media devices and much more.

Boasting innovation rapidly becoming the norm amongst the best Bluetooth Speakers under £30, this portable mini speaker employs a Bass Xpansion System (BXS), boosting volume and enriching bass frequencies to levels normally achievable only with a sub-woofer. The Buddy-Jack function is the Uno’s potentially show-stopping feature, and a sure-fire party highlight. This allows ‘almost endless’ Unos to be daisy-chained together, via a discreet audio cable, to create a ‘ jaw-dropping… self-powered, bass-enhanced portable speaker system’.



  1.  Rokono (B10) BASS+

Offering palm-of-your-hand portability, the Rokono (B10) BASS+ by Gadget Hunter has an attractive, simple design and would look completely at home in any digital environment. Despite appearing in the cheap Bluetooth speakers category, this mini Bluetooth speaker is nevertheless a ‘sound miracle’ capable of high quality audio, with its advanced speaker driver producing a resonant and powerful bass which significantly enhances the playback of music tracks.


As with all of the best Bluetooth Speakers under 30, the Rokono (B10) BASS+ can hook up wirelessly to all your Bluetooth-enabled Apple and Android devices to give you the very best portable audio experience anytime, anywhere you choose. And, so that you can access non-Bluetooth sources too, there’s a 3.5 mm audio input for MP3 players and similar devices. Its ultra-compact size, simple control features, and 7 hours of continuous music playback, make the Rokono (B10) BASS+ the perfect portable pal.



  1.  Rokono BASS+

A mini speaker which is small, light and loud, the Rokono BASS+ features an expandable bass chamber designed to enhance and reinforce bass frequencies. Together with its powerful 40 mm speaker driver, this combination ensures the Rokono BASS+ delivers a rich full sound. As a result, its strong clear audio performance is always in demand as a room-filler and go-to party speaker.


Giving a very respectable 10 hours of music playback per charge, the Rokono BASS+ is fully Bluetooth compatible, connecting readily with Apple and Android mobile audio streaming devices, laptops, tablets and computers. A 3.5 mm audio input is available as an alternative playback option, and to provide compatible access to music on MP3 players and similar devices. Like some other affordable Bluetooth speakers, several Rokono BASS+ units can be linked together to generate a powerful wall of sound.



  1.  SONiVO SW100 Soundwave

With its contemporary styling and versatile dual function, the SONiVO SW100 Soundwave will appeal to music fans who like to live a socially connected lifestyle. Its dedicated speakerphone function employs an integrated microphone which can be used for easy hands-free communication.


Music is automatically paused when receiving calls, whilst on-board software suppresses peripheral noise and eliminates distracting echoes, allowing clear comfortable conversation. With a 10-hour battery life, the SONiVO SW100 Soundwave offers plenty of music playback and talk time, and its Bluetooth 3.0 technology delivers the very latest wireless connectivity with Apple and Android devices, rivalling that of most other cheap Bluetooth speakers. Small, stylish, multi-functional, and discreet, the SW100 is the ideal desk or travel accessory.



  1.  StrongVolt POP360

With its strong emphasis on quality, instant access, and no-nonsense lightweight mobile connectivity, the StrongVolt POP360 delivers everything you would expect from the best Bluetooth Speakers under £30. The on/off pop-up top for playing music, which also incorporates a LED display, perfectly captures the POP360′s philosophy, which simply says: ‘If you have your smartphone or Bluetooth device, then you’re ready to play!’ Compact and powerful, the POP360 projects 360-degree audio clarity without any need for attached wires or cumbersome speakers.


It pairs wirelessly with a full range of mobile audio devices including music streamed from tablets, laptops, Blackberry, Apple and Android equipment – also saving its profile to your device for instant access next time. Up to 8 hours of music playback is available via an on-board Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, and – as you would expect from the StrongVolt POP360 – a clearly visible LED display indicates when battery-life is running low.


Summing Up

Bluetooth speakers range not only in size and features but prices as well, if you’re looking for a good bluetooth speaker that won’t break the bank then these 5 are among the best bluetooth speakers you can buy under £30, they’re all capable of producing great sound quality on a budget.

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