5 of the Best Portable Speakers for your Outdoor or Garden Party

5 of the Best Portable Speakers for your Outdoor or Garden Party

Thanks to rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth connectivity, advances in audio technologies, modern speaker design and materials, it’s now possible to use portable Bluetooth speakers to provide the music for your outdoor or garden party. Many of the restrictions on outdoor electronic music are now either much reduced or no longer apply, and today’s wireless speakers are some of the loudest portable speakers available. As a result, we all naturally expect to be able to access our music in the garden, by the pool, on the beach, or even when camping or trekking in remote holiday locations. Here’s a look at five of the best portable speakers designed for such outdoor use:



Braven BR1


With two extended-range drivers and passive bass sub-woofers getting the very best from its 6-watt output, the Braven BRV1 comes fully-equipped to deliver a powerful audio performance at a moment’s notice. Like most portable Bluetooth speakers, the BRV1 can stream wireless audio up to 10 metres, but also adds a 3.5 mm aux-input for non-Bluetooth equipment, giving you extra connectivity for MP3 players and similar devices, and thus more music options when the party’s in full swing.

Where outdoor performance is a must, the Braven BRV1′s rubberised over-coating is shockproof and offers the same rugged protection as the best portable speakers, and what is more, with both mains and rechargeable battery power options, you’re guaranteed a 12-hour minimum playback – more than enough to keep the music flowing in any location you choose. For even greater durability in outdoor conditions, the Braven BRV1 has an IPX5 waterproof rating making it one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers to choose for go-anywhere outdoor entertainment.





Designed for outdoor lifestyles, the ECOXBT is a fully sealed speaker which is guaranteed 100 per cent waterproof, and thus will even float – a feat generally beyond even the best portable Bluetooth speakers! Acoustically engineered to maximise the potential of its two full-range stereo speakers, the ECOXBT delivers audio clarity right across the sound spectrum with its crisp highs on par with the best portable speakers. Offering a choice of mains power or 10-hour playback from its on-board rechargeable battery, the ECOXBT has the power-option flexibility outdoor performance demands from the best portable Bluetooth speakers and can be recharged in just two hours.

Pairing easily with any Bluetooth device within 10 metres and with a 3.5 mm aux-input for non-Bluetooth music players too, the ECOXBT has the full connectivity expected of all portable Bluetooth speakers. With its steel speaker grille and robust industrial design, the shock-resistant ECOXBT is weatherproof and always ready to give a great performance wherever you happen to be, and comes with its own (detachable) carabiner clip for ultra-portability.



JBL Pulse


With its own custom LED light show, JBL’s Pulse is sure to be ranked amongst the best Bluetooth speakers for outdoor party applications. In addition, its two JBL in-house, high-performance speaker drivers, built-in tuned bass port and 6-watts-per-channel output put it right up with the loudest portable speakers too. Add in a lithium-ion rechargeable battery giving five hours music playback and you’ve got yourself an audio/visual fusion ‘portable party’ just waiting to happen.

The Pulse’s light show facility offers five preset options – plus a host of additional download choices – giving you pre-programmed glitter, pulse and sparkle which can be readily customised to add your own personal touch. Switching off the light-show visuals doubles music playback time to a respectable ten hours, and the Pulse has the usual comprehensive Bluetooth compatibility with mobile audio-streaming devices, which is made even easier with its smart NFC (near field communication) function. Delivering crystal clear audio in punchy stereo, the Pulse more than meets the expectations of a product bearing the famous JBL logo.



Pure Jongo S3


Pure’s Jongo S3 is compact and versatile, and its 20-watt output and ability to stream synchronised audio to two or more Jongo S3s over Wi-Fi, make this one of the loudest portable speakers. With an on-board rechargeable battery pack giving ten-hours music playback, the Jongo S3 is truly portable and comes ready and able to turn any space into a party area. Pure’s audio engineers have crafted a wireless speaker which not only delivers warm, clear and vibrant audio, but also offers four different playback configurations – including ‘ 360° Stereo’ and ‘Outdoor Boost’ presets – which allow you the flexibility to choose the best audio profile for every location.

The Jongo S3 lets you stream audio from all Bluetooth-enabled devices, and with the Pure Connect app, and also other Pure devices, you can access even more options. With the Jongo’s multi-sync option, you can even set up multi-room audio-streaming via multiple S3s to create and control the ultimate party-friendly acoustic environment.



NudeAudio Move L


The Move L is the largest of NudeAudio’s portable Bluetooth speakers and has an on-board lithium-ion rechargeable battery for eight hours of continuous and unrestricted portable music playback. The Move L reduces functionality to the stripped-down audio essentials in order to offer a rich, vibrant audio playback via its two 40-mm speaker drivers and 102-mm passive subwoofer. NudeAudio promise to bring you ‘great-looking audio with sound to match’ and stress you’ll always get great sounds because ‘acoustics first’ is their priority.

Housed in a thick silicon sleeve to shield it from harm, the Move L is custom-built for mobile performance and outdoor convenience. Equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 (A2DP) wireless streaming, the Move L pairs effortlessly with Bluetooth-enabled devices within 10 metres and has a 3.5 mm stereo aux-input to connect with non-Bluetooth music sources – so there won’t be any incompatible formats to prevent you listening to your favourite tracks.

Summing Up

If you’re planning an outdoor or garden party and need a portable bluetooth speaker; these are 5 of the best portable speakers you will find. They’re built with portability in mind and perfect for taking anywhere.

5 of the Best Portable Speakers for your Outdoor or Garden Party

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