Affordable Bluetooth Speakers

Affordable Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth connectivity is all the rage today, especially among audiophiles. The need for great Bluetooth speakers is on a continuous rise and manufacturers are always busy designing and building newer models that can trump older units.

However, choosing a Bluetooth speaker that will fit your needs and specifications can be a frustrating experience, even a chore. Every year, new models crop up and more choices are made available so it can be a bit overwhelming.

Prior to some exhaustive speaker shopping, you have to first mull over your speaker needs. Do you go for portable ones? Do you need a model that’s great for traveling? A model that offers a wicked, rich sound? Or do you need something that will not only provide a good sound but will look good as well?

Budget is a huge factor in choosing a good speaker. If you are financially limited and need units listed in the best Bluetooth speakers under 100 listing, then you do not have to fret, since there are likely candidates for your quest.

Models come in a variety of designs, sizes and brands and one of the simplest factors to remember are devices manufactured by some of the biggest names in the business. The most trusted brands often produce units that does what it claims to do so they are good investments.

Sure, some of their models are on the steep side, but do remember that these companies also create models that are priced within your budget range.

Here are a few models that you can check out depending on the price range.

High-end portable speakers

Bose is often noted for the lush, excellent quality of their units but they can be pricy. However, think of their products as a worthwhile investments that will not only provide you with the high-quality sound you are after, but will last a long time too.

Other alternatives for Bose products are devices from Jambox. Jambox’s speakers are a small step down from the superior sound of Bose but the brand is still a good option with its smaller models and reasonable prices.

Mid-range portable speakers

If you don’t have the big bucks or need something smaller and can tolerate a little downgrade on volume and power, speakers from the middle-range category are your best bets. Bose has a model that fits this range with their Soundlink Mini while JBL has the Charge Speaker.

Certain models from Logitech and Oontz are considered as the best Bluetooth speakers under 100 by some because they work decently, provide a good sound and will not put a dent in your wallet.

Affordable alternatives

Models on this category often churn out basic, humble sound quality and several units might even have a speakerphone function. Oontz has a number of dependable units that one can check out like the Angle model while Beacon Audio has its Phoenix 2.

Compact speakers

If you are fond of traveling, hiking or camping out and cannot go to a trip anywhere without your music essentials, then a Bluetooth speaker is a must-bring device. Nowadays, the market is filled with some of the smallest, most compact speaker models so you won’t have problems looking for one that you can travel anywhere with.

These compact models are also built for strength. Since they are designed for outdoor use, they should be able to withstand the elements, operate properly even at the most demanding conditions and provide a good sound.

Models from JBL, Divoom and Philips have been talked about in audiophile circles because of the durability of their outdoor-use units. So if you are the type who hits the trail often, you should check out some of those brands’ available portable/compact models.

Home audio alternatives

If you are not that fond of wired speakers in your home anymore, you can check out wireless Bluetooth speakers as replacements for such “olden’ devices. Bem Wireless, Samsung and Bose have models that will prove to be worthy replacements of your old home speaker system.

Bem Wireless’s Trio is a group of big speakers that link up to a base unit and connects minus the wires to your smartphone or any kind of Bluetooth-friendly gadget.

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