Bathroom Speakers – Choosing In-Wall and In-Ceiling Bathroom Speakers

When choosing bathroom speakers, one usually has two choices. One can either install in-wall speakers or in-ceiling speakers. The passages below will generally go over both types and also offer a few tips on how one can choose the right bathroom speakers for their home.

How to choose in-wall speakers and in-ceiling bathroom speakers?

First of all, you will have to decide if you want a sophisticated set of bathroom speakers or if you just want something basic that will play your favorite tunes in reasonable audio quality. The choices are endless and manufacturers even manufacture bathroom speakers that come with seven speakers, surround sound and all the other goodies.

Unless you have a lot of money to spend, we would recommend that you just go with a basic, two speaker version when shopping for bathroom speakers.

Factors that one should look for when buying bathroom speakers

    • Ceiling or walls – Generally, many people find ceiling bathroom speakers to be a better option as there is more room for the speaker cabinets on the other side of the ceiling. Walls can be a little more tricky as the space behind walls is not as much as the space that is available behind the ceilings.


    • Moisture resistant – Bathrooms are damp environments. Speakers have many metal parts that will be subject to rust. Bathroom speakers will generally be made of material that is specifically resistant to moisture and it is important that you only buy such speakers. It would be a bad idea to buy ordinary speakers to install in your bathroom although it is definitely possible.
    • Steam resistant – Just like how bathroom speakers needs to be moisture resistant, they also need to be resistant to steam as well, especially if the speaker is going to be close to a shower stall or a hot tub.

Do you need a subwoofer for your bathroom speakers setup ?

This will again depend on your personal preference. Some people make do without subwoofers in their bathroom while some will insist that there is one. If buying a subwoofer, it will have to water resistant as well. Subwoofers can also be awkwardly large in size and you will first need to make sure that you can create some space in your bathroom to fit a subwoofer if you buy one.

  • Aesthetic features – When buying bathroom speakers, you will generally find that these speakers are sold with a grille that is paintable, to match the color of the walls or the ceiling. It will be a good option to buy such speakers if you want the speakers to blend into your walls or ceiling and not stick out awkwardly.
  • Installation – When buying bathroom speakers, you must be comfortable with the installation of those speakers. Think about getting wireless speakers if you do not think wires are appropriate in your bathroom. If you are not comfortable with such tasks, you must at least make sure that the store you are buying speakers from will install these speakers for you. If you are installing the speakers yourself, you must take extra precaution with the wiring. Although speakers use relatively lesser electricity than most other appliances, bathroom speakers still pose the risk of electrical shock, if not installed properly.

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