The only outdoor wireless speakers guid you will need

Outdoor wireless speakers have become quite popular and more and people are purchasing them, to enjoy some good music while barbequing or just for picnicking on their backyard, on days when there is good weather.

That being said, it is important that one buys the right kind of outdoor wireless speakers if they want to be ensured of good sound quality, durability as well as practicality. Below, you will find a few pointers on what to look for when shopping for outdoor wireless speakers.

Compatibility with your audio unit – Buying outdoor wireless speakers

Though most manufactures put out outdoor wireless speakers that will work with almost any audio system, there are still a few models that will come with limited compatibility. Thus, one must make sure that the speakers they are buying will be compatible with their audio unit before looking at anything else.

Transmission capabilities – Buying outdoor wireless speakers

When buying outdoor wireless speakers, one of the other first things that has to be looked at is transmission capabilities. Most outdoor speakers will be able to receive signals from an audio system that is about 100 feet away. If you need more in terms of transmission capability, you will have to buy speakers accordingly. Obviously, the cost of speakers go up when you buy models with higher transmission ranges.

Other things to look for when buying outdoor wireless speakers is that one should look for line of sight restrictions. In other words, some speakers will struggle to pick up transmission if there are objects such as trees or gazebos in the way while some speakers will not have any restrictions. When buying online or at the store, you must specifically look for speakers that will not have a line of sight restriction, unless your outdoor space is free of any kind of structures that might obstruct the quality of transmission.

Sound quality – Buying outdoor wireless speakers

Once you have narrowed down a few choices after short listing them on the above mentioned parameters, you should look for audio quality. If you are an audio buff, you will probably already know how to pick the right speakers, based on their technical specifications. If not, you can look for RMS output wattage, surround effect and other such features when you choose the speakers.

Recharge ability – Buying outdoor wireless speakers

Another major point of consideration when purchasing outdoor speakers is the recharge ability of the speakers. Some will require a lot of AA batteries while some might have a solar panel that will allow for recharging. Make sure that the outdoor speakers you are buying will match your needs. For example, if you have a 3 hour barbeque every two weeks, outdoor speakers that require a few AA batteries will be sufficient for you. However, if you plan to use outdoor speakers for several hours at a time, on many days of the week, you should look for speakers that have a wider range of recharge options like solar powered recharging and plug in recharge capability. You must also always make sure that the speakers will also work on AC power, apart from being able to work on battery power.

Lastly, you can also pay attention to the appearance of outdoor speakers when you buy them. Nowadays, one can buy outdoor speakers that look like rocks, lanterns and other such objects that will blend into your outdoor space.

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