Azatom UFO Docking Station Review

Azatom UFO Docking Station Review

The Azatom UFO Docking Station was never going to struggle for a product name, and its futuristic-looking curved base makes this speaker dock hard to miss. Although this model does not feature Bluetooth, it does offer a neat well-finished appearance to grace any environment, and the classic sound quality associated with the Azatom range.


The UK’s 21st-century audio pioneers

Azatom have received much acclaim for their consistent strong showing in the digital audio market. This is due in no small part to their developing reputation as innovative audio design engineers. Technologies such as Azatom Airflow, which makes acoustic space part of the design strategy, and Azatom DSP microchips, which are customised, tuned and tested to deliver enhanced audio, have helped Azatom set high standards for others to follow.

A design classic

The eye-catching Azatom UFO Docking Station has an instantly recognisable flying-saucer shape and stylish finish which should see it firmly established as a unique design classic. The smoothly flowing curves of the black aluminium speaker grille are interrupted by a centred silver disc of brushed aluminium which surrounds the docking connector. The disc also highlights a simple control interface at the front. A flip-up dust cover protects the connector surface, doubling as a rear support whenever phone docking is in progress.


Stellar audio quality

The Azatom Docking Station review model is built to sound just as good as it looks. Four full-range four-watt, 40-mm drivers, teamed as two 8-watt pairs, give a decent 16 watts output power delivering a warm and characterful, full-spectrum audio performance. Azatom’s patented Fastflow bass port, which benefits from the company’s innovative airflow audio technology system, adds a resonant bass frequency component to the mix, producing an overall sound to rival that of many considerably higher-priced audio options.

Apple connectivity and beyond

The Azatom UFO is fully compatible with iPhones and iPods, though an Apple Lightning to 30-pin adaptor – available separately – is necessary for the iPhone 5 generation onwards, and will charge these devices during music playback (when used with mains power). An onboard rechargeable battery gives a great portability option, allowing up to 10 hours music playback. In addition, non-Apple devices can also be played via the 3.5-mm aux input.

Main Features:

  • Compatible with iPhone and iPod.
  • Back rest for ipod & iphone.
  • Azatom Custom Amplifier.
  • Audio Power: 16 Watts.
  • Speakers: 4 x 40mm Drivers.
  • Fast-flow bass port technology.
  • Onboard rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Music playback: 10 hours.
  • Superb Stereo 3D sound.
  • Aux in: 3.5-mm stereo audio.
  • Protection cover for dock.
  • Multi-function remote control.

Azatom UFO docking station review

This was a replacement for an older-type docking station, and appealed because it was light enough for travel use too. It seems to have been a wise choice because the sound is good quality, fills rooms without effort and has always been distortion-free. The controls on the front of the unit are very simple to use (volume and power switch). Thankfully, unlike my previous docking station, this is a unit which fits the iPod without the need to remove the cover. For me, perhaps the most convenient feature is the rechargeable battery, making travel use and portability a truly practical option – though you have to remember phone charging only takes place with mains power. A remote is also included and, overall, this has been a value-for-money purchase. Recommended

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