Li-ion or normal batteries for your wifi speakers

Wifi speakers are a great asset to any music lover and they have improved tremendously in the past years but there is still one fact that you should consider before deciding what you will shop for. The main reason anyone, and probably you too, are in the market for a set of wireless speakers is because you want to have less cables in your home. That can be something very convenient, and also a pain. Why ? Because of the cost of batteries. That can get pretty steep in the long run, especially if you got something cheaper and more powerful, it can be very power hungry and need battery replacements very often. That’s the biggest downside of wireless speakers, and until someone figures out how to also power them wirelessly, you’re stuck with batteries.

Rechargable battery wifi speakers versus replaceable battery speakers

Ok, those Audio Unlimited Wireless Speakers for $100 look very nice, and also sound very nice, but have you considered the fact that you need to get at least 10 batteries for them and they will last between 10 and 20 hours, depending on how you use them. If you live in China and batteries cost 5 cents per piece that would not be a problem at all, but if you’re in the US that can be a problem, because a pack of batteries can cost $12 or more, and a pack of rechargeable batteries cost $35, and you need more than one. So spending another $100 on a $100 set of speakers is not very wise. It’s much better to spend the battery money on the speakers themselves and get something more to the high end which will have lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and will save you a lot of hassle.

Considering where you mount your wifi speakers, especially outside.

So, you bought your speakers. From the amazon wifi speaker section, from bestbuy, from some other online store. Now you have to mount them somewhere. Most of the wireless speakers are used outdoors, which means that you will probably have them mounted on your wall, on a column or some other high place. You have to consider the fact that you will have to reach the back of the speakers when the time comes to change or charge the batteries. If you bought wifi speakers with rechargable built in batteries, you will have to plug them in a power outlet in order to charge them.

So, what kind of wifi speakers to get ?

My personal recommendation is to look for something that is powered with built in batteries. That will save you a lot of money on batteries. This technology is quite new in the audio speakers universe, but it is good enough to get great sound, great flexibility and great cleanness of your home with them. So definately go ahead and buy a set of wireless speakers, whether with built in or separate batteries.

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