Sony X280 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Sony X280 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Sony are well-known for their excellent product design, high-quality sound and attention to detail. They have applied these attributes to their wireless Bluetooth speaker dock, the Sony X280, with good results. First impressions are favourable when seeing the Sony X280 wireless Bluetooth speaker dock for the first time. The unit is stylish and elegant, with brushed aluminum accents and premium quality fabrics covering the speakers.

The quality of the unit design is also reflected in the standard of audio generated by this sleek speaker dock. The stereo speaker features 2 x 20 watt speakers with enhanced tweeters to deliver crystal clear audio quality. The manufacturer boasts that the vocal quality delivered by the X280 is unmatched in other similar dock setups.

The X280 Sony wireless speakers are aimed at the iOs market, with specific compatibility between the dock and iOs devices being promoted. This may be a little misleading, however, because despite the iOs friendly dock connector, any Bluetooth-enabled gadget is able to be synced easily. For older devices, audio playback is also available via a 3.5mm audio-in jack.

The Sony X280 wireless Bluetooth speaker dock for iPod/iPad/iPhone also features a built-in rechargeable battery that allows for up to 6 hours of audio playback. This makes it ideal for entertaining, or setting up for an impromptu get together.

Sony audio heritage

Every Sony audio product benefits from Sony’s rich audio tradition, and the resulting advantages occur at every level, in every product. Sometimes the effect is exterior and visible, such as a glossy elegant finish adding just the right touch of refinement. Often the critical improvement is deep inside – such as Sony’s use of NASA science to improve speaker technologies – and yet the improved clarity and power makes an instant impact.

Lifestyle enhancement

The Sony X280 review model has features to fit your modern lifestyle. Its internal rechargeable Ni-HM battery means you’re free to enjoy a seamless soundtrack of your favourite music anytime, anywhere, without bothering with mains power. With an iPhone up to 4S, iPod Touch up to 5, or nano up to 3rd generation, you can also charge your device whilst you listen. Music on other Bluetooth devices can be streamed to the dock, and, if you’ve got unmissable music on non-Bluetooth players, just pipe it in through the 3.5 mm audio input.

High-resolution audio

With the Sony X280 review model, your music comes alive. Better quality speakers which optimise audio signal transfer will give you a lifelike listening experience that’s almost as close as actually being there. Sony’s engineering reduces distortion and noise throughout the frequency spectrum, giving you thumping bass and clear, crisp treble.

Main features

  • Premium finish including brushed aluminum accents and quality speaker covering.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • iOs dock port for charging and playback.
  • 2 x 20 watt speakers with enhanced tweeter design.
  • 3.5mm audio-in jack.
  • Rechargeable battery that provides up to 6 hour playback.
  • Remote control included for function control and media navigation.


Sony X280 User review

The X280 Sony wireless speakers looks so gorgeous, and I redesigned my entire bedroom around this beautiful dock. The system is sleek and stylish, with just a hint of brushed aluminum which looks fantastic.  My partner has an Android powered smartphone, and we were concerned that the Sony wireless speakers would only work with iOs gadgets. Although it does have a special dock connecter for iOs devices (accessed via a slide out drawer), it also works with any Bluetooth-friendly phone, tablet etc..

We were also pleasantly surprised by the built-in battery, and have used the dock for entertaining more than once. The sound quality is great for dinner parties, and a single charge lasts for 5 to 6 hours. This dock is worth every cent!

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