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Music is one of the fundamental arts that brings people together and makes the quality of life better. With a Bluetooth speaker bass at your disposal, you’re able to convert any gathering or party, regardless of the venue, into an incredible experience.

Today, Bluetooth speakers are becoming more efficient and impressive thanks to the dynamic technology. Unlike in the 20th century where we only relied on large home theaters for quality bass sounds, manufacturers in the 21st century have developed exclusive Bluetooth speakers  boasting hi-fi sound quality.

The best thing about the current speaker technology is its ability to reconnect wirelessly with multiple digital audio signals. These speakers are capable of connecting wirelessly with iPhones, Android Smartphones and PCs at the  standard range of 33 feet.

Key factors to consider when choosing Bluetooth speaker bass

Before purchasing Bluetooth speaker bass keep some important factors in mind such as price, size, sound quality, ruggedness and durability. In most cases, size and sound quality go hand in hand; e the bigger the speaker the louder the bass sound it is able to  produce. Ensure that the Bluetooth speaker is tough and  can withstand falls and is also water-resistant as you may at times have to carry it with you to the beach or swimming pool.

What to look for in a perfect Bluetooth speaker bass

The most crucial feature in a Bluetooth speaker bass is the sound quality. If your audio system is unable to deliver the required frequency even at full blast, then there isn’t any point in having it. Next, you’ll need to consider other important factors such as battery performance and durability.

Let us review some of these factors in  more detail.

Sound quality

As you all know, the quality of sound produced by a speaker is of utmost importance,  therefore, a good Bluetooth speaker should be able to balance the bass and the mid-range treble. There are lots of loud Bluetooth speakers available in the market but very few are able to deliver quality sound similar to a hi-fi system. It’s therefore important to check the quality and loudness of the subwoofer bass before making your purchase.

Battery performance

Most Bluetooth speakers rely on rechargeable batteries to eliminate the hassle of having to tether them to a power outlet when streaming music. While a number of these speakers may offer 6-10 hours of continuous music, some go as far as 40 hours without pausing for a recharge. Therefore, it’s important to look for quality bass speakers which are capable of producing Dolby Digital bass sound without draining their batteries fast.

Controls and durability

The best Bluetooth speaker bass should be durable and able to withstand the test of time. Since most of these speakers are portable, it’s good to look for the best gadgets with credible drops, bumps and waterproof ratings. Some speakers come with mounts and straps which allow you to carry them as well as mount them on walls and trees when hiking.


When it comes to controls, a variety of Bluetooth bass speakers are compatible with different Bluetooth profiles. For instance, you can connect your speaker with your phone and activate the headset profile which allows your Bluetooth speaker bass to function as a speakerphone. You can also activate the hands-free mode or remote control mode to allow you to manage the playlist right from your speaker.

Mistakes to avoid when choosing a Bluetooth speaker bass

Due to  rapid changes in technology most companies have released countless Bluetooth speakers in a bid to meet the rising demand. In the process, offshore products have increased and it has become almost impossible to distinguish quality gadgets from fakes. Therefore, to avoid being wrapped up on those knock-off speakers, it’s wiser if you take your time and research on the best products.

Avoid purchasing Bluetooth bass speakers from untested sources—this is one of the biggest mistakes most people make when purchasing new gadgets. Choose a speaker system whose sound quality has been tested and verified. Ensure that it’s well rated and long-lasting.

Avoid purchasing Bluetooth speakers which can’t be recharged by a microUSB. Most of the best Bluetooth bass speakers are recharged with the normal microUSB cable which makes it easier for you charge then.

However, there are some high-end speakers which come with a dedicated DC cable for recharging. Such speakers also feature a USB port which allows you to recharge your phone while you enjoy cool music.


As I wind up, let me thank all gadget manufacturing companies for offering music enthusiasts advanced and simpler ways of enjoying refined music. In the past, people had to connect large sub-woofers enclosed on heavy boxes and then plugged into power supply to enjoy explosive music.

Today, with advancements in technology, people now rely on portable Bluetooth bass speakers to enjoy refined music wirelessly without connecting the system via the aux jack or to any DC power outlet.

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